Pathways in Retail, Hospitality & To jobs tourism

Culinary Arts


Restaurant and Food Service Management

Hotel/Lodging Management

Fashion Merchandising

Space Tourism

Space tourism

Check out the exciting retail, hospitality and tourism sector and upcoming jobs!

Drone flying in tourism

Drone Pilots

These jobs include drone pilots hired to fly over designated sites including hotels, convention centers and theme parks to provide information for the industry and customers.

Airline jobs

The airline industry has growing opportunities in piloting, reservations, and many other areas.

Retail jobs

retail jobs

Retail jobs in California are a huge market segment and include retail store operations.  

Hospitality jobs

hospitality jobs

Do you enjoy working with people who are traveling?  Hospitality jobs include travel services, hotel managers, and event managers.

Tourism jobs

tourism jobs

Tourism is a huge job sector in CA.  Jobs include parks and outdoor recreation.  


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