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The Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism Initiative is committed to serving the training and education needs of the retail, hospitality, and tourism industries. We are focused on closing the skills gap and developing programs that provide the most relevant, in-demand skills necessary for success in these dynamic industries.

Our programs teach:

  • Interpersonal and soft skills
  • Advanced workplace skills
  • Technical knowledge
  • Industry specific skills

Regional Assistance

  • Internship Programs
  • Connect with qualified job applicants
  • Advocating for RHT industry needs in education, business and government
  • Refresher courses
  • Certificate or Associate Degree
  • Human relations and Leadership training
  • ESL Programs job skills training
  • Participate in an industry advisory board
  • Contact a Deputy Sector Navigator

Industry Endorsed Partner Programs

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California’s Community Colleges work closely with industry to create “industry-specific” certificates, credentials and degree programs. These programs align with the specific skills and competencies employers are looking for when they hire new people. If you are ready to align your skills with a specific industry or type of employer, the following programs could be the perfect fit.

Guest Service Gold® is a comprehensive program designed to provide students with a solid foundation in guest service. Look beyond the standard guest service training and get recognized for implementing and achieving guest service best practices with Guest Service Gold®.

The “Hotel Industry Foundations and Introduction to Analytics” (HIFIA) is jointly offered by STR and the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI).

The HIFIA certificate program is an abbreviated version of the “Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics” (CHIA).  The HIFIA is geared toward two-year schools, vocational institutions and colleges in developing areas of the world.  The content is more condensed.  

The HIFIA consists of 5 sections instead of 16 sections in the CHIA.  The duration of the training is shorter, less than half of the time required for the CHIA.  Although the HIFIA has less of an emphasis on math, reports and analyzing data, it still builds a solid foundation on Hotel Industry Basics.  It provides a thorough introduction to the math required by a hotel or tourism industry professional, to the reports that are used in the hotel and tourism industry and to the analytic skills used by industry professionals.  The HIFIA helps student understand that the math required by a hotel or tourism industry professional is not too challenging.  The HIFIA also helps students appreciate that the hotel and tourism industry relies heavily upon data and the ability to analyze that data.

For information a detailed training content outline and to find out how your school may offer the HIFIA training and certification to your students, please email or call +1 615 824 8664 ext.3329.

Meet state and employer requirements for food handlers, alcohol servers and managers with the ServSafe® program and ServSafe Alcohol® program. Courses are offered online through the Serv Safe website or at various community college locations throughout the state. Learn More

The Retail Management Certificate is a community college, accredited certificate program developed by the grocery industry and the Western Association of Food Chains to ensure their employees had the skills needed for success as a retail store manager. Since the program’s launch the program is now available at over 50 community colleges in California and includes courses that cover the key skills needed for all retail managers including grocery, fashion, specialty, and small business. Learn More